JLC Purchasing Club

The JLC Purchasing Club is dedicated to delivering substantial cost reduction to all Jewish charities, schools, synagogues and community enterprises regardless of size

We provide a FREE service where we can discuss your specific cost concerns and deliver ways of reducing your overheads.

We believe in the concept of community purchasing power where like minded organisations pool their purchasing power to create an buying club in order to achieve the best prices possible for all members.

We pride ourselves on excellent service for our members – we work hand in hand to ease the process and deliver cost reduction as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will never sacrifice quality for price – we know our members want to maintain the quality of their supplies going forward.

We believe in the environment and support schemes that invest back into our fragile ecosystem.

We want to reinvest in our communities and support our members through the provision of not just substantial discounts but grants, free products and services wherever possible.


Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on our service and quick responses                         to members queries

Community Investment

We want to invest further in our community beyond just                        cost savings


We believe in and support the environment for future                         generations