JLC Purchasing Club


The JLC Purchasing Club currently focuses on a core range of products and services – those areas proven to deliver substantial and immediate cost reduction to our members.

Our range of products and services is constantly evolving and growing as we naturally expand our offering over time.

To discuss either cost reduction or revenue creation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 218 6940 or


Utilities (Gas & Electricity)

Our Utilities partner is one of the largest energy brokers in the UK bnbnbnb,bbbnnbnb

Green Technologies

We work with two key partners in this very exciting industry where energy costs can be cut substantially aaaafasasafsasasaaaa

IT Equipment & Services

Our core partner is one of the largest IT solution providers in the UK. In addition we work with a small group of specialists to allow us to address any IT issue

Website Design

We work with partners who can build websites of 6 - 6000 pages with all the support and backend systems you would expect aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Contract Cleaning

Our contract cleaning partner is the only cleaning contractor in the UK to own a specific software package that allows them to provide the most competitive prices and ongoing management support

Telecoms, Internet & Mobile

We work with a core group of specialist providers to cover all elements of the telecoms arena

Event Planning & Management

Our Event Planners have been established in the industry for over 20 years and provide a completely free service to their clients

Security, CCTV & Fire Alarm

We work with specialists in both security systems and manned guarding services, both of which are established within the Jewish arena

Financial Services

Our financial partner is a global force and can provide cost effective financial solutions. In addition we work with a specialist tax solutions company with over 15 years experience