JLC Purchasing Club

The Future

We want to share our plans going forward with our members so that you can understand how we intend to support you not just now but into the future.
Our primary role is to save our members money, time and effort in any way we can.
We expect to remove the stress and effort involved in sourcing the best prices for the products and services our members require.
Our service is FREE of charge – the only price our members pay is for the products and services they require.
Crucially, we expect savings to increase for our members as our combined purchasing power grows in future years.

On the right hand side you can see a brief overview of our future plans – there are three distinct phases going forward.

Our priority and Phase 1 is about us working with Jewish institutions to deliver savings on their core purchases immediately.
In time (Phase 2) as our basket of products and services grows further we want to align the purchasing requirements of our members wherever possible to deliver even greater savings.

Phase 3 sees the JLC Purchasing Club working with our member institutions to deliver a different type of savings to the wider Jewish community.
These savings (for Personal members) will include ordinary everyday elements such as utilities, grocery shopping, fashion, family days out and holidays and will allow synagogues, schools and charities to engage their own communities with savings that every Jewish household can benefit from.

We are currently working with partners to ensure only the most appropriate offers are available to the wider Jewish community.

We are very excited about the future and we hope you are too!


Phase 1

Deliver immediate savings to our Institutional members on our core products and services.


Phase 2

Interact with our members to deliver additional savings matched to their specific needs. Align contracts of different members to facilitate further cost savings through true community purchasing.


Phase 3

Work with Institutional members to engage their stakeholders and deliver personal savings to their volunteers, employees, donors and immediate communities.