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An Introduction to the JLC Purchasing Club

The Jewish people draw strength from Community – The JLC Purchasing Club delivers a new dimension in community – community purchasing power.

The JLC Purchasing Club works on the simple and recognised principle of combining purchasing power to deliver economies of scale to all our members.

We are all living in difficult financial times where the need for fiscal efficiency has never been greater. The concept of pooling resources is ever present in many sectors up and down the country and the need to do so in our community must be extended to our schools, synagogues, charities and community businesses.

The core concept and priority of the JLC Purchasing Club is to deliver substantial savings to all Jewish organisations within the not-for-profit sector. We aim to utilise our commercial experience to deliver huge cost reductions in order to maintain and secure frontline services for our community.

To read a message from the Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council click here.

The JLC Purchasing Club - True Community Purchasing Power